Set “Molluscs’


Teddy bear sewing set

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Set ‘Molluscs‘ includes


  1. Synthetic fur col. Pine 9 mm pile 1/16 m (about 35×25 cm)
  2. Italian viscose fur col. Light Blue 5 mm pile 1/16 m (about 23×34 cm)
  3. Italian viscose fur col. Pale Yellow 5 mm pile 1/16 m (about 35 x 24 cm)
  4. Italian viscose fur col. Very pale rose 5 mm pile 1/16 m (about 34 x 24 cm)
  5. Italian viscose fur col. Curly Brown 9 mm pile 1/16 m (about 35 x 25 cm)


Please note that due to the resolution and settings on your computer, the colour of the fabric on the photo can vary a little bit from the real one.

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